Who We Are

     Road Roaster Coffee is a product of love, tragedy, risk and reinvention. Born from the fires of Paradise, California, Road Roaster was formed to bring great coffee to the HARD WORKING CLASS. Owners Chris, a northern California native and Scot, a Navy veteran, are taking every road possible to create an incredible cup of coffee at a great price... FOR YOU. We hope to see you at events. We hope to see you on your way to work or at your work. We hope to see you enjoying life... with Road Roaster Coffee.

Founders and Owners, Scot and Christine Steenson, in front of their lost home in Paradise, CA
Our #1 seller, Hella Dark. This is what Hella Fresh looks like
Late nights, long weekends... 
We work with our community, to better our community

Phone or Text: (530) 966- 8640      E-Mail: info@roadroastercoffee.com

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