Check out Palermo Joe! He can't get enough of Road Roaster Coffee Beans. He'll travel for miles just to smell 'em.

Our Roasts- All beans are ethically sourced and 100% Arabica

Hella Dark- Our best seller! This French Roast is taken just beyond the edge of sanity. Super rich and crazy smooth. Beans are from the Huila region of Colombia.

Kick Ash- Keep Kicking Ash Paradise, CA! This is a Colombia medium roast blended with a Guatemala dark roast. Nutty and caramel. $1 from each bag goes to help with the rebuilding of our beloved town.

Six- Speed- This lightly roasted Dominican Republic coffee is incredibly smooth with hints of vanilla. We LOVE the story behind the farmers and the importer, Cafe Kreyol, as they help to rebuild Haiti.

Accelerator- Formally GOOOOD Morning! Great for your morning coffee, cold brew, even espresso. This medium blend roast has zing and depth. Beans are from Guatemala, Colombia and Peru. 

Espress LaneA deep and bold mix of beans from Brazil and Colombia. Excellent crema with a nutty, roasty flavor for your espresso shots or just a great cup of brewed coffee. 

Hellraiser- Everyone has a little bit of a Hellraiser in them! This incredible mixture of Kenya and

Colombia is for you. Both beans are roasted to medium.


Unleaded Decaf- This Colombia Royal is our go-to coffee in the evening. You don't need another decaf! Using a water process, the caffeine may be gone, but it still tastes damn good.

Low Octane-  Medium roast Colombia Decaf blended with a dark roast Costa Rica. This is for when you need to keep kicking ass, but need one last push.

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