Premium, direct trade beans. Coffee with a story.

Six- Speed- This is an organic red honey processed coffee from the Dominican Republic. Produced on the Ramirez Estate, this light/ medium roast will amaze you with it's complexity, body and flavor. This coffee aids in the employment of thousands of Haitians and the rebirth of their country.

Road Zombie-  This is a washed Haitian Blue medium roast from the Savane Zombi region. Creates sustainable employment for farming families in Haiti, farmers are paid above fair trade standards for their exceptional crop. Nutty with sweet undertones.

Atlas- This idigenous microlot Bolivian coffee is from a farm that was recently converted from cocaine production. Transparent citrus and tangerine acidity, with remarkable clarity, complexity, and creaminess.

Espress Lane ReserveA light and bright mix of beans from Brazil and The Dominican Republic. Excellent crema with a slightly sweet, citrusy flavor for your espresso shots or for just a great cup of brewed coffee. 

Central and South American coffees with a family microlot focus.

Hella Dark- Our best seller! This French Roast is taken just beyond the edge of sanity. Super rich and crazy smooth. Beans are from Colombia.

Kick Ash- Keep Kicking Ash Paradise, CA! This is a Colombia medium roast blended with a Guatemala dark. Nutty and caramel. $1 from each bag goes to help with the rebuilding of our beloved town.

Accelerator- Great for your morning coffee, cold brew, even espresso. This medium blend roast has zing and depth. Beans are from Guatemala, Colombia and Peru. 

Espress Lane- A deep and bold mix of beans from Brazil and Colombia. Excellent crema with a nutty, roasty flavor for your espresso shots or just a great cup of brewed coffee.

Low Octane-  Medium roast Colombia Decaf blended with a dark roast Colombian. This is for when you need to keep kicking ass, but need one last push.


Unleaded Decaf- This Medium roast decaf is our go-to coffee in the evening. You don't need another decaf! The caffeine may be gone, but it still tastes damn good.

Unleaded Dark Decaf- Same as Unleaded, just roasted DARK!

Coffee with an attitude!

Metalhead- Dark and loud, just like heavy metal! This Brazilian bean is thick in the mug. Super strong, roasty and syrupy.

Bravo Zulu- A classic, medium roast coffee blend with beans from Colombia and Guatemala. This coffee will please any hardworking American.

Destroyer- Sleep is for the weak. This very light/ dark roast blend is full of energy and bold flavor. VERY strong peanut butter flavors.