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Our Four Pillars

Flaming Bean.png


We sell at our local Farmer's Market. We have collaborated with Chocolatiers, soap makers, and beer brewers on a variety of exceptional products. We've spent so much time smiling, laughing, and sometimes crying with our incredible clients and customers. Many times, we've had amazing conversations and heard fascinating stories. We love our community and ultimately, it is why we are here. 


In order to have a strong community, we need to be charitable. We need to help one another strive to overcome challenges and be our best. From Paradise, California rebuilding efforts to veteran causes, we find ways to give back. 




Coffee, as a product, is very involved. With so many steps required to place it into your cup, it's imperative we source correctly and conscionably. We work closely with our suppliers, who have direct ties to the farmers. We always look for coffee grown by families on microlots or coffee with exceptional stories of perseverance, like Road Zombie, a Hatian Blue.



We love to tear it up and enjoy every day we're alive. It's important that we work hard, but we also must play hard. Go ahead, turn the volume to 11, push the limits, try something new, but make sure you're having fun and some great coffee while doing it. 

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